Cool Ways to Re-purpose Old Furniture

7 Ideas for Transforming Old Furniture









Are you looking for a fun project that will add some pizzazz to your home – that doesn’t
require a degree in carpentry? Before you leave your old furniture on the curb with a sign
that says, “free to good owner,” here are 7 creative ideas that will revitalize that furniture
and leave anyone feeling handy.

1. Rustic Planter – Enhance any backyard space by painting an old bedroom side table with
a fun color, pull out the drawer, and use it as a planter.
2. Kitchen Island – No built-in island? Transform an old dresser by adding a custom
counter top. The drawers will come in handy also.
3. Crib Appeal – We all need more storage. Take off one of the side rails of that old crib
and add a piece of glass or butcher block on top to make a cool bookcase or craft table.
4. Cabinet Door Headboard – Reuse those old cabinet doors by creating a custom
headboard for a guest bedroom. Paint white or multi-colors for a country chic look.
5. Vanity Transformation – Remove the backing from an old dresser, add a sink, and you
have a cool vanity for your bathroom.
6. Bed Spring Bottle Holders – No wine rack? No problem. Remove old mattress
bed springs, attach to a wood panel, and store your wine bottles with this cool rack.
7. Pet Bed – Every pampered pet needs a bed. A drawer from an old dresser makes a cool
pet bed. Attach some short furniture legs and add a cushion for indoor or outdoor use.

If you have some time on your hands and old furniture to get rid of, maybe you can
re-purpose them and spruce up your décor at the same time with these fun ideas!