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Lori Mode and Bruce Durham, Elk Grove real estate agents, have founded their careers on a commitment to professionalism and customer service.  Both lifetime residents of California, their interest is focused on serving the client with an objective to well exceed expectations. 

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Mark Albanese

We have been using Mode & Durham for our realtors for 20 years. Always extremely satisfied with the way we've been taken care of. They get things done and you feel good knowing they have your best interest mind. They are Amazing!!!

Gene & Tina

Lori Mode and her team at Keller Williams are the best. We recommend them highly and without reservation. In 2015, Lori sold my house in 8 weeks and at 3% over the list price. The profit provided the cash to fully pay for the condo she had found for me. The condo was listed 20K below the comps she had collected. In 2016, Lori sold the condo and purchased our new home. Profits from the condo sale paid the down payment on the house. The house was selling for 50K below its estimated appraisal. In 2016, Lori helped my partner, Tina, sell her home in a short sale. Dealing with BofA, a previously unknown lien and extensive dry rot repair made for a very difficult and complicated process. Lori and her team stuck to it and never gave up. Having started in February, the short sale closed in October. Thank you Lori and your amazing Keller Williams team.

Dick and Pat Williams

We met Lori Mode about four years ago. As it turned out we ended up with three houses in escrow at the same time - the house we sold, the house we bought and a house we inherited. Talk about stressful. Our house sold in 1 day. They were very patient as we must have looked at over a hundred  houses. Everything ended up exactly as it should have with no glitches. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lori to anyone. Plus , we have anew friend.

Marva Lee

Hello Lori, I am truly impressed with the team you have built to serve your clients. I met with you and Shannon in early December 2014, and had no idea I would be a homeowner less than 30 days later! This petite lady with a "baby bump" is an example of everything an agent should be. She embraced me and my son as though we were family. She treated my son with the utmost respect and dignity that is a challenge to the trained professional in the autistic arena. She has an intuition about her clients to know when to express her opinion (good or bad) to the betterment of the client. Thank you for choosing Shannon to be my agent. Your business cards are being shared with everyone I talk to. May the year of 2015 bring you all that it can offer.

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