Home Issues That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Home Issues That Shouldn’t Be Deal-Breakers
– and a Few That Are!
Finding the right home can sometimes feel like hunting for a needle in a haystack.
Unless you’re buying brand-new construction, every home has some drawbacks,
whether it’s style or real maintenance issues. If you’re looking for your next
home, understanding the difference between minor issues and true deal-breakers
can help you evaluate your options and make the best possible choice.
Manageable Annoyances
Cosmetic – All aesthetic concerns can be fixed – for a cost. The key is to
understand the difficulty and level of effort or money involved. A dying
lawn can be addressed with new sod. Is the kitchen dated? A new
backsplash is relatively inexpensive. With some fresh paint and new lighting
fixtures, you can easily brighten a room and make a small space seem more
Healthy Homes – Many homes have older carpet, drapes, and other
elements that can irritate allergies. Home air filtration systems are
affordable and very effective in clearing the particulates out of the air.
Replacing the attic insulation and cleaning the vents are easy and
inexpensive ways to correct these situations.
Foundation Problems – Foundation cracks and other issues can be
expensive or impossible to correct.
Mold – While treatments for mold are available, they normally involve
major demolition to open walls and flooring for access. Unless the sellers
will correct the mold issue before closing, it’s better to reconsider on this
Water Leaks – Signs of water damage or existing leaks could be a reason to
search for a different home. Leaks and water issues will most likely bring
you to the mold issue above.

Buying a resale home almost always involves some kind of preexisting issue, but
not all should be reasons to walk away. If the home you like has problems, before
you move on, consider the costs involved to remedy the challenge.